Jeffery-BoyleJeffery R. Boyle

I am a entrepreneur, I always have been. When I was eight I would ride my bike across town to a wholesale candy company and sell it at retail to the local neighborhood kids. As strange as it may sound, that candy store was an incredible learning opportunity and set my path as an entrepreneur.

I have succeeded at many opportunities and ventures, but I have also had my fair share of failures. My failures have been powerful tools to help me understand the needs of the people I work and grow businesses with. I love being an entrepreneur and helping others succeed. Home based business provide entrepreneurs opportunities with low start up costs and the ability to associate with others who love to improve. Home-based businesses can also be an incredible way to make money.

After serving as a Vice President of Sales for a large public company, I decided to return to school and earn my Juris Doctorate. My degree has proven to be very useful in my business ventures and help others build their businesses with optimism but also with the needed foundation a legal background can provide.

I have had a tremendous diversity of experience in business starting with a successful direct sales business in the early 90s, a dot com business owner in the late 90s, executive experience within a public company, a business magazine publisher, a judicial clerkship for a federal judge and the CEO of a multi-national health company. I look forward to continued learning from others and making my ventures a success with the great people who work with and around me.

Personal Mission Statement

I am creating a worldwide organization dedicated to improving the quality of life worldwide. I am allied with companies that make products and services at a profit, which is in harmony with the law of compensation.

These products and services are created and sold with like-minded people who share in a purpose that encourages people to create prosperity mindedness for themselves, their family, their business associates, their community and ultimately for the world.

Dedicated to your success,

Jeffery Boyle