Welcome to my site,  my name is Jeffery Boyle. I am an avid Entrepreneur with years of experience running a business on the corporate side as well as being a Top leader in Networking Marketing. I have a  a Juris Doctorate, but my passion comes from adventure of all kinds. I refuse to believe that I am middle aged, no matter how much my hairline is receding. I am a family man through and through. Nothing is more important to me than seeing the smile of my children and the loving embrace of my wife, Angela.  Almost two years ago when my brother Brad and I decided to launch JIFU, we did not anticipate the remarkable adventures we would embark on. JIFU started as a travel company that can now evolve into a disruptor within multiple industries by embracing the needs of the customer first and emphasizing exclusive value in multiple verticals.  Head over to http://jifu.com for more information on how JIFU has become a Multi-Million dollar company.