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Tour Complete – Bring on 2009

My trip was incredible. 

We at Jus do our homework before we enter a new country.  Right now we are doing our due diligence on the Netherlands and Taiwan.  We have not set a time to go or when it will exactly happen, but I was very impressed at how dedicated the people are in both countries to being a part of Jus. (more…)

Comp Plan

Comp Plan

Paying up to 56% the Jus comp plan is pretty amazing.  A mistake that we have made in the field recently is that we have focused almost solely on the product rather than helping people truly understand how much money they can make with the comp plan as well.

Japan Update

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I met today with a magazine, Network B, here in Japan for network marketing with our Operations Director, Kunihito Toma. I was impressed with the Editor in Chief, Takita Shozo, and his questions that he had for us. (more…)

My World Tour

Thursday, December 4, 2008
I woke up this morning about 4:15 am to catch my plane to Japan with a stop in San Francisco.  Japan is the first stop of a trip literally circling the globe. (more…)