Welcome Ethan

May 06

There are many reasons why each of us works.  We recently had our number 4.

I am very thankful to have him with us and to have another healthy baby boy.  It is a miracle every time a new one comes.  Welcome baby Ethan.  We love you.


  1. Beverly /

    Everybody wants to love and be loved just like the words on this special video of your sweet family loving their new baby brother. Ethan is loved for sure!!

  2. Joanie Falconer /


    Thank you for posting this little video welcoming Ethan into your blessed and dear family. Joy and love radiates through your smiles!

    You are sorely missed by many of us in Jus. Corporate definitely tries, but it’s clearly not the same without you! I appreciate hearing from you with your newsletter updates.

    Well wishes to you and your beautiful growing family, ~Joanie in Portland

  3. Thanks Joanie, I miss Jus a ton. It was my pleasure to be a part of so many lives. Thanks for checking in.

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