We are happiest when we progress, and you will not progress without risk.

Many people don’t want to take risks and open themselves up to criticism or disappointment. Just remember what Aristotle said; the only way to avoid criticism is to say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing.

Risks require you to step outside your comfort zone and pursue new opportunities. Here are a few reasons why you must embrace risk in your life:

1 – Increases creativity and innovation: Taking risks can lead to new and creative solutions to problems because it forces you to think outside the box. Some of your most significant ah-ha moments will come when you are forced to devise a solution. You steal from your creativity by avoiding risk. 

Almost every business person in the world knows about our uses 3M Post-It Notes. Post-It Notes have made many millions, but they came about as a result of problems. It’s a great story; check it out here: Idea to Value.

2 – Builds confidence and resilience: Taking calculated risks helps you build confidence in your abilities and develop strength when faced with challenges. Life is not about living with ease. Life is about becoming so strong that you take on more significant challenges with ever-increasing ease.

3 – Creates new opportunities: Taking risks can open up new paths and opportunities that might not have been available otherwise. Rarely does life turn out how you planned. When you risk and run into obstacles, they may turn you toward better opportunities that give you more fulfillment.  

My present business, Bemodo, has changed dramatically from what I originally planned. My goal to empower coaches and offer life-changing products and services came from the rejection of my original idea. The funny thing is, I love my current plan much more than the original.

4 – Leads to personal and professional growth: Taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone leads to personal and professional development. You can become more assertive and skilled at taking on new challenges, and these skills can lead to significant accomplishments. 

5 – Promotes risk-taking in others: Taking risks can inspire others to do the same, leading to a culture of innovation and progress. Nothing is worse than a work culture devoid of personal responsibility. Mistakes come with risk, but so do outstanding accomplishments. Your ability to navigate risk can create work and home environments for legacy builders.

Not all risks are created equal, so build up your ability to take on more considerable risks over time. Successful risk-taking requires careful planning and consideration of potential outcomes. It’s essential to weigh a decision’s potential risks and benefits and make informed choices based on the available information.

One of the best ways to get stronger at taking risks in business is to take calculated risks in your personal life. I love adventure and our time living in Costa Rica helped me introduce “risky” adventures to my children and wife. My children loved waterfall repelling even though the first drop scared them a lot. As a result of the “risky” jump, they have some unforgettable memories and are willing to try new things in all areas of life. My wife’s experience with bungee jumping scared her so much that I was honestly shocked when she eventually jumped. When she eventually overcame her fear and jumped she gained power over her fears and is something she is very proud of today.

Taking calculated risks is a crucial component of success in life. By embracing new opportunities and stepping outside your comfort zones, you can increase your creativity, build confidence, and achieve personal and professional growth you never thought possible.