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Biography Doesn’t Determine Destiny

michael-jackson-scaryHow many rich people do you know that are completely miserable?  How many broke people do you know that are completely happy?  There are rich people that have everything that must drug themselves to find peace, Michael Jackson and Elvis showed us that.  There are also many rich people that love life and are completely happay.  What we do know is that money and your biography will not determine your true destiny. (more…)

You don’t need an excuse to feel good!

You don’t need an excuse to feel good.  What a rare concept for many people.  Many people think that feeling lousy is natural and feeling good is rare.  As Anthony Robbins said this weekend at a Zrii convention, “Problems and happiness have no relationship.” (more…)

Advice from an Incurable Wise-Ass

karen-duffy-bookI subscribe to an online newsletter called the SalesLadder and I get weekly information from a writer Marc Cenedella.  He has some great stuff, you should check it out.  Here are some excerpts from his latest email when he interviewed Karen “Duff” Duffy the MTV VJ who has been battling sarcoidosis. (more…)

Down Economy Opportunities

I was on Wall Street Journal Online this morning and read an article about how in this economy,  61% of Americans have either started or thought about starting a small business.  However, another study showed that of over 400,000 potential entrepreneurs in 2008, only 19,000 ever got started. (more…)