Reinventing Myself

May 24

Reinventing Myself

parker-runWhen I was a ninth grader my class voted me “Most Likely to Succeed.”  Believe it or not, that silly vote done by a teacher has caused me a lot of reflection and even pressure.  There is no doubt that I am driven and I want very much to succeed, but as I approach the big 4-0 in age, I must ask, “What really is success and how will I acheive it?”

For about three years I have worked extraordinarily hard to start and run Jus International with my brothers and partners.  This month I was voted out of my executive position and from the board of Jus. I currently have no day-to-day responsibilities for the company I helped found.  I must admit, I disagree with the decision made by my partners and I was temporarily devastated.  I have had so many people ask me how this happened and how this was possible.  I still search for answers.  However, even though I had periods in the last three years that almost everything was sacrificed in my personal life to make Jus work, I can say that Jus alone does not define me and that I can succeed with our without Jus in my life.

At 37 I find myself in a unique position.  I have been approached by many wonderful people and opportunities.  I can confidently say that I will stay in network marketing.  I love working with people, and I love watching people improve themselves.  Network marketing allows me to be a part of people’s lives and help them improve.  I am not unlike many people in this new economy.  I have skills and I have desires, now I must reinvent myself again to apply them to new opportunities. My path is still not completely charted so I am a bit anxious, but I am sure I can make the new path something special.

Last year I was so busy, I forgot to register my oldest son Parker for baseball.  He loves playing and has done a fine job catching back up to his buddies.  Parker told my wife that he has really wanted to be awarded the game ball by his coach.  However, with a year off, he has struggled throughout the season to find his swing and strengthen his arm.  Last week my 9 year old was awarded the game ball after he drove in two runs, got on base all three of his at-bats and as a pitcher he struck out three in one inning. I was so proud of him because he has worked so hard to get that ball and it paid off.

In 2008, I flew over 120,000 miles and I frequently used Skype video phone to say good night (or morning depending on where I was at) to my kids.  In 2009, I have flown less than 10000 miles and currently have no job, but I watched my 9 year old achieve his goal of getting the game ball.  Reinventing myself is not much different than Parker’s goal of being awarded the game ball by his coach.  I will take my dedication to another level and although 2009 has allowed me a new opportunity to improve and reinvent myself, it will also be a year that will help define my future.  2009 has been a great year, and will only get better.


  1. Mike Collins /

    Wonderful post Jeff. Very, very inspiring! You are a great guy. Thank you again for all you have given me.

  2. Thanks for the comment Mike. I have loved working with you.

  3. I keep you in my prayers and look forward to watching your new success story.

  4. Jeff, I am sure that you will climb to even more successful peaks in your lifetime. But I think that when you look at your character, your family, and the inspiration that you have been to those around you, you will have to agree that you ARE successful. Success can be measured different ways, and is not complete with just one element (such as money). You might have come down off of one mountain peak, but you are still up in the rockies a mile above most of the population. Besides, we all know that you will put your hiking shoes back on!

  5. Thanks for the hope & inspiration once again!! I know you’ll succeed at whatever you attempt because that’s what you are made of . Good Luck and God Speed!

  6. Chris Collignon /

    Sorry to hear this.. YOU were one of the reasons I joined Jus. It will not be the same without you! Best regards, Chris Collignon

  7. Ed S /


    This is what the normal IBO who is paying attention is seeing… First Rea Nicols is removed, then Howard is hired and fired, next the company HQ is relocated, then Jake Hines is moved out of the office, now the founder is fired. Maybe some of this is out of order but all this goes down without explanation or communication to the IBOs… the people who are making Jus money. Looks like the textbook hostile takeover from the venture capitalists. Kind of reminds me of a movie called Wall Street. Did I miss anything? Should we expect the company to be sold anytime soon? I’m just not sure I want to be part of this type of company… no matter what the ORAC score.

    I hope you kept a fair percentage of the company before you took the vulture capitalist money when you poured your life into starting Jus. You are the heart of Jus and a brain without a heart is braindead. Things just tend to die without a heartbeat.

  8. Great post Jeff….and WAY TO GO PARKER!!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!

  9. Randy Martinez /

    Awesome post Jeff! You are an inspiration to me! Ed, let’s not take away from this awesome post, and let’s get the facts straight. Rea was NOT removed first, secondly, Howard was NOT fired, and Jake Hines is still in the office. I just think it’s appropriate to quash rumors so we can focus on making JUS International the best company we can for JEFF! No matter who drinks JUS whether they are in Maine, Seattle, Los Angeles, or Florida, if it helps change or saves a life, remember Jeffery Boyle had a part in it! Jeff, we will carry the torch for you!

  10. Tom /


    Whether or not all of the exact facts from Ed were correct or not is exactly the point. Nobody knows what is going on except that Jeff and the other founders are gone. Howard IS gone, the CFO guy IS gone, tons of employees from Idaho ARE gone and I still get leaky bottles. I heard Rea even took some of our leaders to another company. What is happening? Whatever the real facts are, this does not look good.

    Say what you want, but the current management team has no idea what network marketing is about. The current management team has a history of buying and selling companies, that is no way to run a network marketing company. Are they just preparing to sell Jus too by “cutting the fat” with Jeff and the other founders to look good for a sale? I just don’t know.

    Jeff has never said anything bad on his site that I can read about Jus. However, it sure sounds he got the shaft along with the other founders. Sounds to me that it was a hostile take over. I know Jeff would have done anything to be a part of the company, I have been on his calls and to meetings he spoke at, Jus WAS everything to him. He now doesn’t even have a job. He will probably take a job now with a competitor, that will be great.

    I just saw another site,, people know something is wrong at Jus. Momentum is not the same in most groups and my guess is that carrying a torch for Jeff means very little. Most hostile takeovers, like the movie Ed refers to, mean that the original founders get very little to nothing. I bet they are trying to take his ownership too.

    We may have the best product, but the environment stinks. Good luck Jeff and the other founders, the universe will make this right. Where I do agree with Randy is that I sure am grateful to you for putting this in motion, I just don’t know if I have the stomach for it any more.

  11. Thank you everybody for your comments. I do not know where I am with Jus. I do not work for Jus any more and would like to have a resolution. I do want to work in network marketing, and I wanted it to be with Jus. It was a dream of mine and we worked hard. Thank you all for your comments. I hope it can all work out for everyone.


  12. Randy Martinez /

    Okay, I wasn’t going to comment because I don’t want negative energy going forward from this awesome post. Parker had a goal, he pushed himself, he trusted his abilities, and HE ACHIEVED his Goal. Now we will only get out of this business what we put into it. If you give up on JUS, you just gave up on Jeff’s dream. Support the current management, and let’s make JUS HUGE! I know Jeff would agree with this…

  13. Joe the Juser /

    Good points Randy, good points Tom. For me, I’m just your average Joe the Juser. Read the post again. It’s not about Parker. The story of Parker is an analogy of trying harder, not giving up, redefining yourself. The post is about Jeff and Jus – and Jeff redefining himself post Jus. My concern is if the execs are going to vote out the founder of the company how much do you think they really care about the average Joe the Juser IBO… like me? I hope they do, really! Most people, like me, care about investing (time, talents, and resources) in a company that is solid with execs who will make good decisions. It just seems like poor decision making to eliminate the founder of the company while the company is experiencing positive growth. Jus just may be “the best product on the planet” like Jim and Tammy Stevens have boasted. I pray it is because it is helping my friends and family too. However, the product is only part of the story. Integrity, Transparency and Communication matter to me as well.

  14. An industry friend /

    After 18 years in this industry and having worked and consulted with many of the industry’s successful companies. It has been refreshing and a pleasure to meet someone like Jeff Boyle. I firmly believe that Jeff is a very talented and capable man. Jeff’s efforts were dedicated to establishing, building and promoting a company and product with appeal to the masses. His efforts and success are admirable and note worthy.
    Jeff’s entreprenurial spirit and dedication to people is what makes this industry great!
    I am certain that Jeff has learned and gained invaluable experience from creating and building Jus International.
    Jeff Boyle will go on better for having lived this business experience.
    I believe that God provides the opportunities and we must make and declare the successes.
    Good Luck and Good Fortune to you Jeff and your family.

  15. May S /

    Jeff, I feel sick about you not being in Jus. But what ever you get into next I would like to follow you. Keep us all informed. They may have taken Jus from you but they only hurt themselves I know great things are coming for you. You are a wonderful man who is blessed. The kind of man with Christ like qualities that all of us want to follow. God Bless you Jeff.

  16. Thank you all for your comments. Some people want to know how I feel about Jus. I want it to go huge. I want the people who are in it to succeed. I drink the product and want to hear your success stories. Click here to see my new blog entry.

  17. Randy, You shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free!!!

  18. NVLL GUY /

    Best of luck to you and your family. I have no doubt about your future success. A person of your caliber doesn’t stay down for long. It has been fun to watch Parker grow as a baseball player and if you ever forget signups in the future just let me know and I will take care of it. I will never forget the triple play when niether of us had a video camera; amazing how “timing” is everything. Take Care.


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