Network Matketing Success Answers – Edification

Feb 20

Question – What is the best way to create unity in my organization?

Answer – This one is simple; edify, edify and then edify some more.

There is nothing that will destroy momentum and a team mentality faster than negativity creep. Network Marketing groups should not resemble an episode of Survivor or the board room with Donald Trump on the Apprentice.

If you want to grow then keep negative comments about your company, upline, meetings, downline, crossline, the weather, taxes, competition, your wife, your teenagers, Obama, Republicans, communism, and gingivitis to yourself. If you have struggles, find a mentor and look to find solutions. If you find a shoulder to cry on, then you will just keep crying.  Don’t do it.

Get tough and you can get rich. Find the positive in life and talk nice about others, it will be incredible for your business.

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