I Am Not Broken

Sep 18

Thank you to all for your calls and support. Below is a graphic description of what happened to me this past Wednesday. Please do not read the description or look at the pictures if you are sensitive. I do not write it to shock. I write it to help answer the questions from the many calls I have not taken. This has been a very emotional experience for me. I write it to remind me of what I have and understand how blessed I was to not die. I have been reminded of how many loved ones I have. I am fortunate to be alive. I blessed beyond my understanding.
I laid my head back on the hot road and covered my eyes with my hands. I was in deep pain, but I was thinking clearly. I listened to the car rumble past me hitting objects along the way until finally coming to an abrupt, noisy stop. I had just glanced at my left leg that was trapped under my motorcycle. My pants were ripped extensively enough to reveal a severe, bleeding wound beneath. The pain felt as if a hot piece of metal was constantly being thrust into my leg with the rhythm of my heartbeat. I could see small pieces of my flesh on the ground near my leg. I did not know how much blood I was loosing, but I knew that this was not a minor injury.

People began to stop to see what they could do. I could hear multiple calls being made. Somebody brought me a pillow and put it under my head. I could hear whispers of how severe people thought my injuries were. Some well-meaning people suggested that a belt should be applied above my leg to stop the blood flow and others debated whether to remove my fallen motorcycle from my leg. One fellow kneeled at my head and seemed to take charge until the ambulance arrived. He talked to me and told me to hang on. He had a heavy beard and resembled a hard-working heavy equipment operator. However, for the perceived eternity I laid on the road, he was my Good Samaritan. I am thankful to him.
It was 10:30 and the morning was the perfect temperature for a motorcycle ride. It was about 70 degrees and the perfect conditions to take a leisurely country ride for an hour before I had to get back to work. I stopped on the corner of Hubbard and Cloverdale heading West. Cloverdale does not have stop signs but Hubbard does. I was going to continue on Hubbard through Cloverdale to head back to my office. That is when I saw her. I drive defensively and I noticed that a woman heading South on Cloverdale was not watching the road or me. She appeared heavily distracted. She was turning East onto Hubbard and was still driving very fast through the turn. I was at a complete stop and my bike is bright red, but she was driving right into my lane,