It’s the dream, right? Travel the world, see new cultures, meet new people, try fresh foods, and create priceless memories. But the question is, how do you make money so you can travel more often? Let me give you some ideas on how to make money when traveling.

If you want to create expenses, buy things. If you want to create life-long memories, travel.

Costa Rican sunsets are spectacular!

Costa Rica Sunsets!!!!

That’s what we decided to do, travel. I have traveled all over the world working. From Asia to Europe, I have been there for work. My family recently returned from an incredible 15 months in Costa Rica. It was a fantastic adventure.

In Costa Rica, we saw and experienced so many things that my family will never forget.

While in Costa Rica, we began the foundations for our done-for-you eCommerce and done-for-you coaching programs on The number one reason I chose eCommerce, self-care, and coaching programs is so my wife and I can emphasize experiences with our kids and, eventually, our grandkids for the rest of our life.

Every business decision we make is filtered through a single question, “Will it help us be more free?” Angela and I have worked hard to own our lives. That means we have the time, money, and health to work where we want, when we want, and with who we want. If it takes away from our freedom and ability to create great memories with our family, we will likely reject it.

Andrew on a wrecked boat in Limon, Costa Rica

Captain Andrew

If you are interested in done-for-you eCommerce and learning to help others with a coaching business, check out

We chose eCommerce because we can be open 24 hours a day and run our business anywhere. We added coaching programs because self-improvement is our passion, and these concepts have made a big difference in our lives.

If not, there are several ways to make money while traveling, such as:

  • Freelancing: You can offer your skills as a freelancer, such as writing, graphic design, or web development, to clients remotely. Build a reputation as a person of trust on sites such as, and you can work from anywhere.
  • Teaching English: You can teach English online or in person to students in other countries. The pay is not usually a ton of money, but you will have free weekends, and the cost of living can be dramatically lower in other countries. The owners of the school my kids attended in Costa Rica were American. If you don’t want to teach English, you can always find schools that speak your language for kids of foreigners.
  • House-sitting or pet-sitting: You can offer your services to homeowners needing someone to take care of their home and pets while away. There is nothing like the love pet owners have for their animals. Whenever we traveled someplace our little buddy wasn’t welcome; we had to find a temporary home for our dog, Oliver. One of the Americans we met in Costa Rica had a full-time house sitter for his home. His home had a spectacular ocean view, and the house sitter kept it safe and ready for his return.
  • Online affiliate marketing: You can promote products or services online and earn a commission for each sale. This is the central premise of Bemodo, but there are many options to fit your personality.
  • Blogging or vlogging: You can document your travels and monetize your blog or vlog through advertising, sponsored content, or affiliate marketing. People love to watch other people living their dreams. Why not cash in on that trend? Treat it like a job, learn SEO and keyword searches, and be consistent. We met a lot of travel influencers in Costa Rica. It is a lot of work, but it is fun work.
  • Other options include renting out your car or your apartment, becoming a tour guide, or starting a small business. Remember to check the work permit laws in the country you are visiting and plan accordingly.

I hope that helps. We love our life of adventures. It’s a new world, don’t be limited by borders. You can make money traveling. Get out here; it’s a fantastic way to live.