Is Jus Decaffeinated?

Feb 09

I need to know how we decaffeinate our product. Can you help?

If you look at the amount of the total “Antioxidant Blend” you see there is 48 mg compared to 11,000 mg of the other juices. When you add all of the ingredients together to get 48 mg, green and white tea only comprise a small amount per serving of the Jus. When you then realize that green tea and white tea have many components outside of caffeine, you see that it is not necessary to chemically remove the caffeine. There is so little caffeine on the tests that it does not actually show up on our tests of having a measurable amount. It does not have to then be decaffeinated because it does not register having caffeine in the first place. No chemicals are used then to strip it out.

Hope that helps.



  1. hey jeff, was looking for your opinion on this. been asked to launch a great new product range under Healthy Coffee company. The products include healthy coffee (gourmet coffee, black coffee, milk tea, mocha, hot cholate and an energy drink)..The concept and products sit on middle of a number of billion dollar industries: health & wellbeing, coffee, tea & hot chocolate, energy drinks. It is being rolled out on a network marketing business model and has already successfully launched in Japan, Phillipines and a few others. I am based in Ireland and have been asked to launch here and possibly some other European countries..What do you think of the concept in terms of potential..Tony

  2. Tony it sounds like you believe in the product. That is very important. You must also make sure that the comp plan takes care of the small, medium and large IBO/distributors. A success system that is duplicatable must also be a part of your company. Most of all, remember if you’re passionate about it you can succeed. Good luck and thanks for the post.

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