Lessons from Jeffrey Gitomer

Jan 23

A couple months ago I had the pleasure of hosting an event with keynote speaker Jeffrey Gitomer. Below you will find a video with a couple nuggets from that event we found interesting.

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Networking Star Blogcast with Casey Combden: Building Confidence

Jan 14

One of the biggest challenges that new entrepreneurs have is confidence. Without confidence you will never convince clients you can deliver for them. Having healthy levels of confidence is crucial to being able to overcome challenges and attract the right talent to your team. In this episode of Networking Star, my good friend Casey Combden explains some of the basics needed to find confidence and keep it.

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Visit Casey at CaseyJamesCombden.com

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Epic Rule #3– Sweat the small stuff

Jan 09

This entry is part of 4 in the series I am Epic.

Small Stuff – [smawl stuhf] – Seemingly insignificant daily tasks that when done regularly and made a part of daily habits will result in Epicness.

The Epic Rules may appear to be trivial and too easy to really be important, but don’t let their inherent simplicity fool you, they will make or break you.

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Follow Your Dreams: Be an Entrepreneur

Jan 08

The life of an entrepreneur is not easy. To be successful, it requires discipline, planning and guts. My team put together an awesome video that perfectly captures the fears, tears and triumph in the world of an entrepreneur. Take a look, I hope you enjoy.

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Lessons from Japan

Jan 06

In this episode of Networking Star, I re-learn a valuable lesson. You must experience life no matter where you go, because it’s out there if you just leave the laptop behind for a couple hours. During a recent business trip to Japan, I took the time to experience the local fish market at 3 a.m., sleep in a Zen garden and get rocked by robots and fire-breathing dragons at the popular Robot Restaurant in downtown Tokyo.

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Epic Rule #2 – Be a ditch digger.

Dec 29

Epic Rule #2 – Be a ditch digger.
This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series I am Epic.

Ditch Digger – [dich dig-er] A metaphor for an Epic person of action.
Ditch – [dich] A metaphor for anything ethical needing to be done for you to become Epic.

For you to become Epic, you will need to dig some ditches. Manual labor is good for the soul but lousy for the bank account. However, if you are afraid to get your hands dirty now and then, you better have a big inheritance, because you are not likely to have much success in life and you will never become Epic.

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