When do we stop following our dreams? When do we stop believing that we can accomplish big things? When do we become too jaded to believe in miracles?

I have four children and it never ceases to amaze me what they believe is possible. Andrew, age 4, can conjure up an entire world of impossibility and spend the afternoon imageering what surrounds him. I love to watch it because it helps me to remember how powerful our dreams and goals are. It also keeps me believing that I can make my world better no matter what obstacles seem to be in my way.

I was recently watching Jim Carrey’s Yes Man. In one scene his lively girlfriend, Allison, said, “The world’s a playground, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.”

This quote got me thinking about how crazy it would be to make a video of little kids saying ridiculous excuses that adults use to justify their mediocrity and lack of success in life.  What resulted was 3 days of hilarious outtakes and ice cream bribes. The video below is just a sampling of the most fun a guy can have with $5 ice cream coupons and bunch of hilarious kids.  Look for our complete compilation in a couple days.