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Epic Rule #2 – Be a ditch digger.

Epic Rule #2 – Be a ditch digger.

This entry is part 4 of 8 in the series I am Epic.

Ditch Digger – [dich dig-er] A metaphor for an Epic person of action.
Ditch – [dich] A metaphor for anything ethical needing to be done for you to become Epic.

For you to become Epic, you will need to dig some ditches. Manual labor is good for the soul but lousy for the bank account. However, if you are afraid to get your hands dirty now and then, you better have a big inheritance, because you are not likely to have much success in life and you will never become Epic. (more…)

Networking Star Blogcast with Russell Brunson: Finding Online Marketing Success

Watch this inspiring blogcast where Jeff Boyle interviews Russell Brunson, one of the top online marketers in the world. Russell is the president and founder of Inc., which helps entrepreneurs around the world to start, promote and grow their companies online. He shared how he got started while attending Boise State – by selling a “How-To” DVD on how to make a potato gun.

During the blogcast, Russell mentions that if you want to earn money, you need to provide value and make it unique and different from the competition. He shares his 3-step process that helps his clients find success. Everyone has something unique that they can market and be passionate about, he says. It’s your job to find it. Watch and be inspired!

Networking Star Blogcast #2 with CEO David Blanchard

Check out this blogcast interview with David Blanchard, CEO of the Og Mandino Group. This is the second one in a series of blogcasts with David Blanchard. In this one, David explores how entrepreneurial thinking may be affecting your relationships in the home. David outlines how entrepreneurs have the gift of being analytical and being able to think vividly. However, he warns that it often comes with the challenge of feeling like you always need to be right. How do you overcome that challenge and keep your relationships as true partnerships? Watch the blogcast and find out. You may also be interested in learning more about the Og Mandino Couples Retreats by visiting

Networking Star Blogcast Og Mandino Corp CEO David Blanchard

Join me as I interview our next Networking Star: Dave Blanchard. Dave Blanchard is the CEO of the Og Mandino group, and helped develop one of the most innovative personal assessment tools. This goes beyond just a personality test. It assesses the thought process that drives behavior.

Check it out at and use the code at the end: NetworkingStar. In this podcast, you’ll also learn about the greatest challenges and risks entrepreneurs face in their thought processes and how to overcome them.