Hedge Fund Manager Attacks Herbalife

Jan 08

I just read a very interesting article on CNN’s Money website. Hedge Fund Manager, Bill Ackman, is making a big bet against Herbalife. How big, about a billion dollars.

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Goals, Spit Up and Muttering for 2013

Jan 02

On December 22, I took my family to see a Christmas display that was near a busy shopping center. My five kids range from two months to 13 years so we formed a mini chain of holding hands to keep the littler ones close as we attempted to navigate the Christmas horde. While riding an escalator I looked down at my little clan and then into my wife’s eyes and I had a moment of complete love and contentment. For that one moment on an escalator amidst the noise and commotion of a million people, time seemed to stop and my life was perfect.

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