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Would You Rather Be Right or Rich?

Would you rather be right or rich? The answer seems simple, but it is not. Often people want different results but are completely unwilling to change the way they think or act in order to get different results. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way. (more…)

I Am Not Broken

Thank you to all for your calls and support. Below is a graphic description of what happened to me this past Wednesday. Please do not read the description or look at the pictures if you are sensitive. I do not write it to shock. I write it to help answer the questions from the many calls I have not taken. This has been a very emotional experience for me. I write it to remind me of what I have and understand how blessed I was to not die. I have been reminded of how many loved ones I have. I am fortunate to be alive. I blessed beyond my understanding. (more…)

How to Evaluate an Opportunity

Have you ever wondered if you picked the wrong path? Did you start climbing the corporate ladder only to find it was leaning against the wrong wall? Many people are not happy where they are, but if you just look, you will see you are surrounded by opportunities. (more…)